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Introducing our premium Tobalá Mezcal, made from the Potatorum agave plant which is carefully cultivated in the high mountains regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. The yellow soil in this region provides the perfect environment for the agave to thrive and develop exceptional flavors. Our Tobalá is specifically cultivated in San Dionisio Ocotepec, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. The agave is cooked for 3.5 days in an earth oven with pine wood, then crushed in a tahona mill for a traditional and authentic process. The fermentation process takes place in pine tubs with natural yeast for 10-12 days, resulting in a smooth and well-balanced Mezcal with distinct flavors. Then we proceed to a double distillation of the prodcut, emphazizing our focus into our Tobala's character. 

Zancudo Tobala


    Tobalá is our perfect choice between the complex and the curious. This wonderful agave is found in the remote mountains of Oaxaca and is only revealed to those who are not satisfied with only the good, but with the incredible. It comes with complex flavors that combine sweet salty and milky notes that you will fall in love with.


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